A mobility scooter, is a battery-powered vehicle designed for individuals who have difficulty walking.   These collapsible scooters are designed to come apart quickly for easy storage in the trunks of most mid- to full-size vehicles. We only have 4 wheel versions for your convenience. These scooters have a 250 weight capacity and cannot handle weight over that, if you weigh more please rent the Heavy duty scooter we listed.

*Please note: Image shown is for reference only.  The model delivered to you will depend on other variables of your reservation including height/weight.  Scooters for weight capacities greater than 400lbs do not come apart.    If you have quesitons or preferences, please call our office at 417-231-2860.




 $55.00 for a 1 day Rental

 $40.00 a day if scooter is rented 2-5 days.


 Rent the scooter for 5 days get your 

              6th- 7th day Free!

$40.00 Rental Insurance (Optional)

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Travel Mobility Scooter Rental