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           Rental Agreement

The following Terms and Conditions apply to the use of this Web site as well as all transactions conducted through the site.

Consumer Agreement
Important!  Please read carefully!!


Branson Mobility Rentals, LLC

 Payment: I authorize the full balance to be charged to my credit card upon making my reservation.  I understand I am fully responsible for the equipment during the entire rental period and any damage or loss incurred while in my possession and guarantee I have provided accurate height and weight information to assure proper use and performance of the equipment I am renting.  

Rental Insurance (Optional):   Branson Mobility's insurance plan will cover up to $350.00 on any accidental damages on the scooter, power chair or wheelchair within your rental period for our renters, for an additional $40.00 for scooter / power chair or $20.00 per wheelchair if you want to buy this protection plan please check "Yes for Protection Plan" when reserving your scooter. Remember this is just optional, if you choose not to use the insurance plan then if anything is broken during your rental you card will be charged for the parts plus labor.

Refund Policy: I may cancel my rental and receive a full refund up to 48 hours prior to my rental delivery time and must call in my cancellation to Branson Mobility Rentals, LLC at 417-231-2860 and receive a cancellation confirmation number.  Any cancellations less than 48 hours prior to scheduled delivery of equipment, or early return of equipment will result in no refunds of any payments. 

Delivery/PickUp: I understand that I qualify for free delivery and pick-up within Branson, MO city limit locations.  I understand that in the event that I reserve equipment requiring delivery/pick-up outside Branson, MO city limits (up to 15 miles away) I will be assessed a $25 delivery/pick-up charge, and that if I require delivery/pick-up at a location further than 15 miles outside of Branson, MO City limits, I must contact Branson Mobility Rentals, LLC for a fee delivery/pick-up quote. 

Returning Equipment: If my equipment is not present at the pick-up location at the time designated during reservation, all resorts/hotels will be picked up after 10am and I understand that I will be charged for the extra rental day(s) in excess of this lateness, with the first penalty day beginning at the time of the originally negotiated pick-up time, and that I will further incur a supplemental pick-up fee of $25.  I acknowledge that this policy also applies in the event that neither I nor my representative are in attendance at the scheduled delivery or pick-up time at any location that requires my presence for service, such as but not limited to a private home or gated community. Scooters need to be fully charged before the driver picks up the scooter, if not a $55 dollar fee will be applied to the rental after pickup, unless it was agreed with an employee of Branson Mobility.

Customer Responsiblity:  I hereby agree to take sole responsibility for any damage outside of normal wear and tear to the equipment including accessories such as the battery charger and key (if applicable) while in my possession; my possession of any equipment rented starts when I receive the rental unit(s) and ends when I return unit(s).  I understand that I am personally responsible for all vandalism and or loss of equipment and I authorize Branson Mobility Rentals, LLC to charge any damage to my credit card provided for rental.  I understand and authorize Branson Mobility Rentals, LLC to charge my credit card a lost battery charger fee of $115.39 and a lost/damaged key fee of $15.  In the case that I request Branson Mobility Rentals, LLC to deliver me a replacement battery charger or key, or if I request delivery of additional batteries because I have not properly charged my battery after each use, I will be assessed an additional delivery fee of $25 as long as the delivery location is within 10 miles of my original delivery location.  If the delivery location is outside of the mentioned area, replacement items may not be deliverable. 

Disputes: If a dispute arises, I agree to a third party company appointed by Branson Mobility Rentals, LLC, not associated with either myself or Branson Mobility Rentals, LLC to decide the cost of damages or replacement value if both parties cannot reach a mutual agreement.  The renter shall pay any legal fees incurred by Branson Mobility Rentals, LLC to obtain monies owed by the renter.

 Legal Info: I hereby release, waive and discharge the right to seek medical reimbursement or the legal prosecution of Branson Mobility Rentals, LLC for any physical injury resulting or property damage from the use of the rental equipment provided by Branson Mobility Rentals, LLC.  I agree to be the sole person using/driving the rental equipment and I am fully responsible for any person(s) who with or without my consent, sit on, stand or ride the equipment and I hereby indemnify Branson Mobility Rentals, LLC for any prosecution from physical injury resulting to myself or someone else or property damage the rental equipment provided by Branson Mobility Rentals, LLC.  It is my express intent that this Rental Agreement shall bind my family if I am alive and my heirs, assigns, and personal representative(s) if I am deceased.  It shall be deemed as a release waiver, discharge and covenant not to sue Branson Mobility Rentals, LLC, independent contractors, officers, agents, employees and affiliates.