Manual Wheelchairs offer the lightest solution for a mobility assistance vehicle. They are maneuverable, comfortable and can be folded down for storage in the trunks of most vehicles. We have wheelchairs from 16" all the way to 30" wheelchairs that handle 700lbs. Please make sure you give us your exact weight so we can fit the proper wheelchair to you.

*Note: There is a 2-day minimum on this item

*Please note: Image shown is for reference only.  The model delivered to you will depend on other variables of your reservation including height/weight.  We do have models that go up to 700lb weight capacity.   If you have quesitons or preferences, please call our office at 417-231-2860.

Manual Wheelchair Rental


$25.00 a day rented from 2-4days

$20.00 Rental Insurance (Optional)

Rent the wheelchair for 4 days and get your 5th-7th day FREE!

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