Travel Mobility Scooter Rental



 $50.00 for a 1 day Rental

 $40.00 a day if scooter is rented 2-5 days.


 Rent the scooter for 5 days get your 

              6th- 7th day Free!

$35.00 Rental Insurance (Optional)

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This mobility scooter has a heavier duty drive train and larger batteries than the GoGo Sport.  If you have a need for a scooter thats just a tad bit larger than the GoGo series scooter that comes apart and has a weight limit of 400lbs this is the scooter for you. The heaviest part of this scooter does weigh 57lbs and compared to the GoGo Sport at 44lbs.  However with the larger batteries and heavy duty drive train this scooter has the same range as the GoGo scooter.

  Scooters for weight capacities greater than 400lbs do not come apart.    If you have quesitons or preferences, please call our office at 417-231-2860.