The Go-Go offers the highest weight capacity of the Go-Go series at 325lbs.

  • Easy access tiller charging port
  • 43" long for extra leg room

Pursuit PMV

By Pride (Model Number SC713)

An extremely well made and trusted scooter that has been on the market for years due to its 500lb weight capacity.

  • Upgraded electronics and comfortable seat
  • Durable one piece frame construction and solid tires.

This sturdy yet reliable ride with take you anywhere you want to go with a 400lb weight capacity.

  • Low Profile wheels, no-scuff black tires
  • LED lighting 

Maxima 3-Wheel

By Pride (Model Number SC900)

Maxima 4-Wheel

By Pride (Model Number SC940)


List Price: $2,699.00

You Save: $870.00

List Price: $4,299.00

You Save: $1,300.00

With a 400lb weight capacity and 4 wheels its stability is bar to none.

  • Wrap around tiller
  • Disassembles  into 7 pieces  


List Price: $4,499.00

You Save: $1,400.00

Go-Go Sport 4-Wheel

By Pride (Model Number SC74)


Heavy Duty/High Weight Capacity Scooters


List Price: $4,099.00

You Save: $1,270.00

A scooter with outstanding performance and high class style with a 400lb weight capacity.

  • Delta tiller with wraparound  handles
  • Front and rear suspension

List Price: $2,699.00

You Save: $870.00

Victory 10 4-Wheel

By Pride (Model Number SC710)

List Price: $1,899.00

You Save: $600.00

The Sport has the highest weight capacity for the Go-Go models at 325lb capacity and a top speed of 4.7mph.

  • Delta tiller with wraparound handles
  • Includes 2 sets of shrouds- red and blue

Go-Go Sport 3-Wheel

By Pride (Model Number SC73)


List Price: $1,799.00

You Save: $570.00

Victory 10 3-Wheel

By Pride (Model Number SC610)

This scooter has a 500lb weight capacity, even though its the heaviest capacity scooter we sell, its still very maneuverable.

  • Upgraded electronics and a comfortable seat
  • Durable one piece frame construction and solid tires